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What are the advantages of customized paper products?
时间:2020-10-28 11:37:52

        1. The designed tissues (box-drawn tissues, soft-drawn tissues) are beautiful, stylish and concise, suitable for (home, car, office, etc.), with strong visual impact, easy to remember, and powerful marketing influence ;

        2. Customizing all kinds of advertising tissues is the most popular way of promotion. Nowadays, all kinds of advertisements are flying all over the sky. People have long been numb and disgusted with advertisements. Advertising on tissues is easy for people to accept. Actively focus on the desire to read, achieve cognition and memory, deepen the impression, and play a good role in publicity and promotion;

   3. The paper towel itself has a function of use. This is the distinguishing feature that distinguishes us from any other advertisements, and it is also the basis for corporate advertising information to be recognized by the public. Different from the general form of advertising, tissue advertising (advertising napkins) can effectively target target consumer groups, meet the needs of the audience to carry with them, and freely choose time, fixed point and quantitative;

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