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Most of the cheap toilet paper sold on the street are fake
时间:2020-10-28 11:38:32

       "Half-price" brand-name toilet paper on the street is fake

       Not long ago, on Longju Street, Longju Town, Guanyun County, a Kaima truck with the license plate number "Su KY59**" was filled with long rolls of coreless toilet paper labeled "Qingfeng". A loudspeaker is placed on it, and it is being promoted at a price of 7.5 yuan per bag.

       "Qingfeng" brand toilet paper is a well-known brand product of Suzhou Golden Hongye Paper Group Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu Province. The price of similar products on the market is 15 yuan per bag, but the parties actually sell it at half price. This has attracted many people's suspicion. The enthusiastic people also reported their doubts to the local industry and commerce department. Immediately, the Guanyun County Administration for Industry and Commerce sent law enforcement officers to seize the toilet paper involved in the case, and invited the owner of the "Qingfeng" trademark to appraise it. As expected, all these brand-name toilet papers are fake!

       Later, according to the investigation of the industry and commerce department, the client Fan, a native of Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province, purchased 260 bags (identified as 1 kg/bag) of "Qingfeng" long roll coreless toilet paper at a price of 1,200 yuan because of greed for cheap. In order to deceive consumers, he hawked along the street in the form of promotion. Who knows that he was investigated and punished not long after he entered Guanyun County. Not to mention the fake toilet paper, he was also fined 8,000 yuan according to law!

       Counterfeit toilet paper is produced in "black factories"

       In addition to direct counterfeiting, there are also "brand-name products", which use similar outer packaging to fool consumers and make people mistakenly think they are brand-name products. Just like Ms. Xu from Xugou not long ago bought a pile of toilet paper at a mobile stall in a local market. When she went home, she turned out that it was not a "Double Lantern" brand but a "Huan Lan" brand. According to it, the outer packaging of the "Huan Deng" brand toilet paper and the "Shuang Deng" brand are very similar, and the trademarks are almost identical. Although it is much cheaper, the quality is also much worse. Afterwards, the Lianyun Industrial and Commercial Branch, which received the complaint, went to check, and the vendor who sold fake toilet paper was gone.

       According to the industry and commerce department, these toilet papers are all produced in underground "black processing factories". Not to mention the unqualified quality, they also contain harmful substances, which may cause many diseases to users and even cause cancer.

       This is not sensational. It is reported that most of this fake and inferior toilet paper is bleached from recycled toilet paper, waste books, newspapers, rotten paper balls, and blood-stained paper pads, leaving lead, cadmium and other harmful substances. Some seemingly white toilet papers are actually added with fluorescent whitening agent in the production process. Once the fluorescent whitening agent enters the human body, it is not easy to be decomposed. The toxicity will accumulate in the liver or other important organs and become a carcinogenic factor.

       Professionals in the industry remind the general public: If you find toilet paper scumming, pungent smell, or particularly white in color, remember not to use it.

       In addition, many people like to wipe their mouths with toilet paper, which is actually undesirable. If you use toilet paper as a napkin for a long time, it will irritate your skin and cause skin allergies, and at worst, it will cause different diseases, because toilet paper may be infected with bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli, etc., and may even carry hepatitis virus.

       How to buy toilet paper for industrial and commercial departments

       Here, the industry and commerce department reminds consumers that when purchasing toilet paper, first look at whether the sanitary license number is indicated; second, look at the color of the paper. Since paper made from pure wood pulp has no additives, the color should be natural ivory white. The texture is relatively uniform; the third look at the price, the low retail price of toilet paper generally cannot contain pure wood pulp; the fourth look at the endurance strength, pure wood pulp paper has good toughness and is not easy to break; poor quality paper has irregular holes and Falling powder; five look at the result of the fire, good toilet paper is white after burning; six look at the shelf life, most of the poor quality toilet paper does not have a standard shelf life. In addition, try not to buy rough and hard toilet paper, unpackaged and disinfected loose toilet paper.

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