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What is a qualified tissue?
时间:2020-10-28 11:40:27

       Paper towels are commonly used items in our daily lives. They usually directly touch our skin. Therefore, the quality of paper towels will directly affect our skin health. Today, I will teach you a few ways to choose paper towels.

       1. It depends on the product packaging. Whether the sanitary license number, factory address, zip code, telephone number and implementation standards are indicated on the packaging.

       2. It depends on the color. Because pure wood pulp has no additives, the color should be natural ivory white, and the texture is relatively uniform

       3. It depends on the price. According to experts, under normal circumstances, the market retail price of toilet paper with a unit price of less than 1.2 yuan per roll cannot contain pure wood pulp.

       4. It depends on the endurance strength. Because pure wood pulp paper has long fibers, large tensile force, good toughness, and not easy to break. Inferior paper with poor quality has irregular holes and powder drop.

       5. It depends on the result of the fire. Good toilet paper is white ash after burning, while inferior toilet paper is black ash after burning.

       6. It depends on the shelf life. The better napkins, facial tissues and women's papers are marked with implementation standards and shelf life, while most of the inferior toilet papers do not have marks and identifiable product appearance features, referred to as "three no products". Tip: Don't buy cheap and inferior toilet paper from street vendors. If you have doubts about the disinfection quality of toilet paper, you can expose it to the sun for 1 hour to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

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