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Introduction to the knowledge of household paper
时间:2020-10-28 11:39:49

        1. About household paper: Household paper is in contact with our daily lives, including napkins, handkerchiefs, rolls, facial tissues, etc., which are also commonly used in family life. Its ingredients include chlorine, bleaching powder, wood pulp, etc., which are renewable resources. The main difference in quality between facial tissues and toilet paper is that facial tissues generally have wet toughness. Toilet paper is generally not allowed to have wet toughness, in order to avoid the paper is not easy to decompose and block the sanitary septic tank after use. Therefore, toilet paper is generally used in the bathroom, and the paper is required to have a certain degree of resistance to breakage, and it is easy to decompose when exposed to water, and will not cause the septic tank to block. Facial tissues are generally used to clean hands and face. They are required to be soft and not torn, to absorb water quickly and not to decompose into paper scraps.

         2. Regarding fluorescent whitening agent: Some brands of household paper use low-quality recycled paper and other raw materials for household paper, so they cannot meet the whiteness specifications set by the country, so fluorescent brightening may be added during production and processing. The whitening agent is to improve the whiteness. However, long-term contact with the skin will cause harm to human health.

         3. About virgin wood pulp: pulp can be divided into wood pulp, straw pulp, sugarcane pulp, cotton pulp, recycled waste paper pulp, etc. due to its different sources. Wood pulp refers to pulp made from wood chips cooking and extracting fiber; virgin pulp is Refers to pure virgin fiber, which is different from recycled waste paper pulp. In the production process of household paper, a small amount of chemical agents are sometimes added according to the purpose of the paper to improve the physical properties of the paper. However, in addition to fluorescent agents, as long as the products have been verified by the Food and Drug Association, they will not cause harm to the human body. harm.

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