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Should I use white or yellow toilet paper, which is healthier? It is best to understand before using
时间:2020-10-28 11:39:17

       The raw materials for toilet paper are divided into virgin pulp paper and wood pulp paper. The virgin pulp paper is the yellow paper that everyone sees, and the wood pulp paper is white. So what is the difference between the two?

        Why is wood pulp paper white?

        I believe everyone will have this question when buying toilet paper. Is there any relationship between such white paper and wood pulp? Doesn't it mean adding unsafe things? This thinking is wrong. Manufacturers of toilet paper will add a small amount of fluorescent agent in the manufacturing process, because fluorescent agent can improve the purity of white, not only in toilet paper, notebooks and manuscript paper we often use in our studies are also ingredients with fluorescent agent. Many people have questions about whether the added fluorescent agent will harm our health. In fact, don’t worry, as long as the various raw materials and production process of toilet paper meet the national regulations and requirements, then appropriate fluorescent agent can be added to improve The quality of the paper.

        Is yellow paper healthier than white paper?

        The answer is of course the same. When buying paper, the salesperson will tell the customer that white paper contains brighteners, but yellow paper does not. But is this really the case? In fact, if you carefully observe the composition of the two types of paper, you will find that their composition is the same, and there is no question of whether there is a brightener. I believe that most people are the same and have been deceived by a word from a salesperson for many years. The content of the two kinds of paper is the same, and the raw materials and chemicals used are within the national standard, which is within the scope of our health. Whether it is yellow paper or white paper, they can be manufactured and sold by the manufacturer, which proves that it meets the national standards, and everyone can use it with confidence.

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